BOM – Part III

It’s been almost two weeks since the Memphis Flyer published results of it’s 2012 Best of Memphis reader poll.  This will be my third and final post on the subject.  Many people, myself included, have grown tired of seeing the same restaurants listed year after year, but in the categories for newly opened establishments there are no repeat winners.

Best New Restaurant
1. Alchemy - I love Alchemy… More on that later in this post.
2. Slider Inn - Great patio, pretty good wings (review coming soon), and the kitchen is open late.  I’m a fan.
3. Stone Soup Cafe – Sadly, I haven’t paid a visit yet.

Best New Bar
1. Alchemy – I totally agree.
2. Slider Inn – The bar area is cramped but the patio and service make up for that.
3. Blind Bear – I have mixed emotions about Blind Bear.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t. 

I would have been thrilled to see the Double J Smokehouse and Saloon make it to either or both of these lists.  I have spent more time (and money) at the Double J than any other restaurant this year.  The food is great, both bars are great, the patio is great.  What’s not to love?  Oh, did I mention they have really good smoked hot wings?

I’m pleased to see Alchemy on both lists, and in the first position!  Alchemy is also a favorite of mine.  The fist time I walked in to Alchemy I was in awe of the beauty of the place.  There is nothing else like it in Memphis.  The horseshoe shaped bar is perfect for people watching, and the typical crowd and Alchemy is definitely worth watching. They do have chicken wings on the menu but they are covered in a sugary sauce, so I’ve never tried them.  No worries though, Alchemy has many things on the menu that I can, and do eat.  The lamb ribs have to be one of my favorite dishes in Memphis.  Here is picture for your viewing pleasure…

Lamb Ribs at Alchemy

The picture could be better quality, but these ribs are fantastic! If you like lamb, you should visit Alchemy and try the lamb ribs.

Alchemy also won the Best Bar, and Best Martini categories, and tied for first with Sweet Grass (directly across the street) in the Best New American Cuisine category. Yay for Alchemy!  It makes me happy to see this place get some well deserved, positive recognition.



This is the second post in my series discussing results of the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis reader poll.  This time I will highlight a few more protein heavy categories near and dear to my heart with commentary (in italics) that is decidedly more positive than my previous post.

Best Barbecue
1. Central BBQ – They win every year because the food is constantly good. I send tourist here on a regular basis.  You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.
2. Germantown Commissary – LOVE the salad topped with pulled pork BBQ.  This darn salad is so big I can make 3 meals out of it!
3. Bar-B-Q Shop & Corky’s (Tied for 3rd) – Bar-B-Q Shop is right around the corner from my house and when I’m craving BBQ beef it’s the only place I consider.  

Best Ribs
1. Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous – Yawn.  Deffinantly the most expensive ribs but not the best in town.  However, for tourist stuck downtown, I beg that they avoid the temptation to sample ribs on Beale St and visit Rendezous instead.
2. Central BBQ – The ribs are pretty good but I gravitate toward the wings. Obviously.
3. Corky’s – Corky’s is for speedy ribs… I have been known to go through the drive-thru and score a rack of dry ribs on the way to a party.  The ribs are always a hit when I arrive.

Best Fried Chicken
1. Gus’s Fried Chicken – This is one “trourist trap” that really isn’t.  The chicken is as good as everyone says it is.  Totally worth the trip and the calories!
2. Jack Pirtle’s Chicken – Sadly, I haven’t tried Jack Pirtle’s.  I’ll try to change that soon.  Liver ‘n’ gizzards, anyone?
3. Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken – This place smells amazing thanks to the Sweet Spicy Love sauce that Uncle Lou’s is famous for.  Darn good fried chicken with or without the sauce.

Breaking News – BOM 2012

Every year the Memphis Flyer runs a Best of Memphis (BOM) poll and announces the results in a special issue of the weekly publication, and every year I am disappointed.  This year is no exception.

Let me start by saying that I love the Memphis Flyer.  If you want to stay in the know about the goings on in Memphis – be it politics, entertainment, or the arts – you should be reading this paper.  It’s a great resource for locals and visitors alike, and it’s free!  However, it makes me sad to see that once again the majority of Memphis, or at least the voting majority, are still clueless as ever.

The survey (and yes, I did vote) polls a slew of categories covering food, nightlife, the arts, entertainment, media, goods, and services.  Here are a few I’d like to highlight with my comments in italics.

Best Hot Wings
1. D’bo’s Wings n’ More  The wings I got from the Cordova location were horrible, and so was the service. I disagree.
2. Central BBQ – Decent choice, Memphis!
3. Mr. P’s Buffalo Wings – Um… no. Not even close.

Best Burger
1. Huey’s – Seriously? Again, Memphis? The burgers aren’t bad but you can find a much better burger in Memphis. If you need a little direction, I suggest you start reading the Best Memphis Burger blog.
2. Earnestine & Hazel’s – Eh… an okay no-frills burger at this Iconic Memphis dive bar.  Try the nearby Green Beetle for solid burgers.
3. The Belmont Grill – I haven’t been there in years but based on reviews I’ve read, I will not be running over there any time soon.

Best Late-Night Dining
1. Huey’s – The kitchen closes at 12:30 on any night of the week at the Midtown location.  Maybe that is late for some.
2.  Earnestine & Hazel’s – Well known for serving no-frills burgers, and nothing else, into the wee hours.  For late night beef I prefer Dyer’s where you can at least add bacon!
3.Alex’s Tavern – Hand’s down, this is my favorite late-night dining option.  Awesome wings and amazing burgers.




ChickyWings Takes Flight!

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On this blog I will be posting reviews for the wings I eat here in Memphis and during my travels to other cities.  I will be reviewing mostly classic, Buffalo-style wings because that is my preference.  You can read more about wing types, styles and preparations here.

I write a lot of reviews on Yelp, a social networking site for business reviews.  As a disclaimer I would like to add that my review ratings on this blog may vary from my Yelp ratings because my Yelp reviews are based on the whole experience.  On Yelp I review the restaurant as a whole based on the setup, service, and all the menu items I try.  On this blog I focus only on the wings.