Superior Restaurant and Bar

Superior Restaurant and Bar
159 Beale Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 523-1940

Superior Restaurant and Bar is located on the famous Beale Street in downtown Memphis.  Typically, I avoid eating on Beale Street because downtown Memphis offers so many choices that are far better than what you will find at this tourist attraction.  There are exceptions to every rule however, as I will never turn down a burger from Dyer’s.  Recently, I visited Dyer’s to try the wings and I was impressed.  I can see myself making a special trip to Beale Street just to eat those wings again.  So, do good hot wings exist at other Beale Street establishments?  That’s what I wanted to find out.

There are two kinds of wings on the menu at Superior; wings with classic buffalo sauce and breaded wings, which are not sauced.  Both types are served in orders of six whole wings with dressing.  Of course, being the purest that I am, I selected the classic wings with blue cheese dressing.  After I placed my order I chatted with the chef and my server about the sauce, and that’s when I learned that the wing sauce at Superior is nothing more than Frank’s and Butter.  Perfect!  Nothing wrong with that at all!  Soon my wings arrived and I was surprised to see that that cook had added a breaded wing for me to try.  The classic wings were very good.  There were cooked well and had just the right amount of sauce.  The butter to hot sauce ratio was ideal.

I wasn’t expecting to like the breaded wing but I thought it was very good too.  It was lightly dusted in flour and spices for a mild kick of heat and skin that was extra crisp.  One order of wings more than enough food for this chicky.  I ended up taking half of the wings home.

I had a hard time deciding between a three star rating and a four star rating for these wings.  The solution was to wait a few weeks before hitting publish.  As time passed, I realized that these wings were good, but not awesome or obsession-worthy.  Three stars it is.

Rating: ***

Hot wings from Superior Restaurant and Bar

Hot wings from Superior Restaurant and Bar



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