Fox & Hound

Fox & Hound
6565 Towne Center Lp
Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 536-2200

One doesn’t go to Fox & Hound to eat; one goes to watch sports and drink beer with the dudes. Or chicks.  But if one happens to be hungry while watching sports and drinking beer, why not have some wings?

There are three Fox & Hound locations in or near Memphis.  None of them are anywhere near where I live, but they are all within twenty miles or so.  That being said, my visits to Fox & Hound are few and far between.  When a couple of my friends asked if I would meet them at the Southaven location I thought, “Why not? At least they have wings.”  I made the half-hour drive with rumble in my stomach.  I was hungry!

The wings are listed on the menu as “Grand Champion Wings,” which is a nod to the sports theme and not an indication of quality.  There are nine, yes nine, flavor options: Mild, Medium, Hot, Honey Hot, Spicy Garlic, BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Honey Mustard BBQ, and Sweet Chilli Garlic.  Phew!  We ordered twenty wings; half Hot, and half Spicy Garlic.

We didn’t have to wait long before our server brought the wings to the table.  The two flavors looked so much alike that she stuck one of the spicy garlic wings with a toothpick so that we would know which was which.  The first thing I noticed was the black pepper in the sauce.  It’s not often that you see black pepper in wing sauce and I wouldn’t have expected to see pepper in a garlic sauce at all.  The next think I noted was the smell.  These wings smelled great, and I knew they would be very hot!  They were on the small side but not the smallest wings I’ve seen.

I tried the hot flavor first.  They were quite hot, and I detected Worcestershire sauce in the mix.  Worcestershire is common ingredient in classic wing sauce that is usually added in small amounts.  This time it was a bit too much and it made the sauce way too salty.  Surprisingly, the spicy garlic flavor tasted almost exactly the same as the hot flavor.  In fact, I really couldn’t taste much of a difference at all, other than the fact that the spicy garlic didn’t pack quite as much heat.  Sadly, these less than stellar wings were overcooked.  They might have been redeemed with proper cooking, but the kitchen used oil that was way too hot.  How can I tell?  Cracked and shattered chicken bones, that’s how.  The meat was tough and the broken up bones where difficult to navigate. Yay!

Rating: *

Fox & Hound Southaven wings. Hot (left), Spicy Garlic (right)

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