The Green Beetle

The Green Beetle is a downtown restaurant and bar that has been around since the late 1930′s.  The current menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads and home-style entrees.  Of course they also have wings.

The wings at The Green Beetle are served whole and they can be ordered hot, mild, or bay style.  I have tried all three and hot is my favorite.  In case you were wondering, the bay style wings are dry wings tossed bay seasoning.  The hot and mild wings are coated in just the right amount of sauce to add flavor with out drowning the chicken. This allowed the skin of the wings to remain crisp rather than soggy.  I like my wings crispy and I can’t tell you how many times I have been served soggy or slimy wings. Truth be told, these wings are some of the best I’ve had in Memphis and they don’t get the recognition or mention they deserve.

Rating: ****

How Wings at The Green Beetle

How Wings at The Green Beetle

Bay-style Wings at the Green Beetle

Bay-style Wings at the Green Beetle

Young Avenue Deli

Young Avenue Deli
2119 Young Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 278-0034

Young Avenue Deli is known for creative sandwiches and awesome french fries.  I have eaten a Young Avenue Deli many times but I never took the opportunity to try the wings.  Turns out I wasn’t missing much.

The menu stated, “Hot Wings (BBQ or Deli Style Habanero)”  I had no idea what they meant by deli style, but I sure as heck didn’t want BBQ sauce so I ordered the Habanero.  When the wings showed up a few moments later I was immediately disappointed.  I could tell they were going to be sweet. Very sweet. The sauce was a barbeque sauce mixed with a pepper sauce that had a faint habanero flavor.  I wondered if perhaps I was served the bbq wings by mistake, so I asked my server…. Nope, my order was correct.  Basically, these wings were as far removed from classic wings as you can get.  They might have been redeemable had there been a decent amount of heat to counter the sweetness but that was not the case.

Rating: *

Hot wings from Young Ave Deli

Look at all that sugar! Yuck!

The Half Shell

The Half Shell
688 S Mendenhall Rd
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 682-3966

Half Shell gets major points for serving a full menu at hours when other restaurants in the area are no longer open. Monday through Saturday you can order anything you desire until 2am. On Sundays the kitchen closes at 1am. This how I ended up at the Half Shell in the first place. Where else am I going to get hot wings in east Memphis at 11:30 on Sunday night?

This was my first visit to Half Shell and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the variety of items on the menu. Oysters, salads, sandwiches, and entrees galore. Something for everyone… even late. I already had my mouth set for hot wings (go figure) so that’s what I ordered. For $8.25 you get 12 wings, half flats and half drummies, served with celery and home-made dressing.

The wing pieces were disappointingly small. The flavor was good and the heat was mild. I prefer wing sauce that is a bit hotter. The blue cheese dressing was really great, and for me, it actually made the mediocre wings a bit more enjoyable. I would visit Half Shell again but I would order some thing other than wings. A salad with home-made blue cheese dressing, perhaps

Rating: **

Wings from the Half Shell

Broadway Pizza House

Broadway Pizza House
2581 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 454-7930

I visited Broadway Pizza House during the New Face for a New Broad event a while back. There is a movement going on to transform the formally shabby block on Broad Avenue into a cool, artsy area and that’s what this event was all about.  I was hungry and lucky for me Broadway Pizza House was open and serving hot wings.  This restaurant is not new and it has a loyal following of customers who love their pizza.

I ordered 4 whole wings, hot, for the reasonable price of &4.99. The wings come with fries which I knew I would not eat so I asked for extra blue cheese dressing instead.  I was a little disappointed that the wings did not come with celery and when I asked I was told that they didn’t have any in the restaurant.

The server warned me that the hot wings would be very hot.  ”Do you like hot wings,” she asked.  While I waited for my order to arrive the owner stopped by my table and talked for a while.  He as very kind and told me a bit of history about the place.  He also warned me that the wings would be hot.  ”Are you sure you don’t want the Honey Hot, the hot wings are very hot.”  I told him that I thought I could handle it.  ”Let me get you some more water,” was his reply.
The wings were solid.  They were not too hot and after all of the fuss I was kinda surprised.  Maybe they unintentionally prepared them less hot than usual.I could tell that there was a pinch of sugar in the sauce because they were ever so slightly sticky.  The owner and server both seemed shocked that I finished the four wings with out breaking a sweat.  Funny!  Sorry I don’t have a picture of these wings.

Rating: ***  Solid.  I would order these wings again.

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On this blog I will be posting reviews for the wings I eat here in Memphis and during my travels to other cities.  I will be reviewing mostly classic, Buffalo-style wings because that is my preference.  You can read more about wing types, styles and preparations here.

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